Current updates

Updated C-Pod mini app (2022-06-29)

Download it on Google Play Store or App Store.
In the app and HERE  you will find the manual to the new app.

Operational disruptions

(2023-02-01) The maintenance of the system is all done, thank you for your patience.

C-pod bas server (2022-09-29):

We have good news, the server is up and running again. We do have some more tests to complete however we can already now get you started using the C-Pod again.

Unfortunately the information since before this update is no longer available, which means you will have to register the device again. Before we can do this, we need you to send us the activation code (serial number) of the C-Pod. The serial number can be found underneath the white hatch attached by 2 plastic screws on the C-Pod itself.

Please send us the serial number and after that you will be able to activate the C-Pod again.

Please find more information regarding the activation button in the C-pod Manual: