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Uppdaterad C-pod mini app (2022-06-29)
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Aktuella driftstörningar

[C-pod Bas 2022-06-09]

We are currently experiencing server disruptions that started 2022-06-09, we are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This message will be updated regularly until it is resolved, during this downtime it is not possible to login to the C-Pod system.

Update 2022-06-27:
Unfortunately, our issue with the C-Pod server remains and has been going on for over 2 weeks now. We have people working around the clock to resolve this matter as fast and securely as possible but it takes longer than expected due to issues with the previous server backup.

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this has caused our customers and we fully expect various complaints due to the extended downtime. As of right now, we are not able to provide you an exact timepoint of when all this will be fixed, however, we want you to know that we are doing our very best to solve it and that it is a problem we haven't seen before.

When the system is up and running again we will provide reasonable compensation (service length) for the service downtime and inconvenience this has caused.

Update 2022-07-11:
The C-Pod base server remains offline, we are in the final stages now and are currently upgrading the hardware of the server so we can safely put it back online.

The upgrade should be completed this week or early next week, once that is complete we have the final task to turn on the system remaning. You might have seen that the webportal is online, however until the whole system is online again it will not be possible to login to your accounts, rest assured the accounts are still there.
We hoped to give you a timeframe today, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the timeframe however it is looking like we have a couple of weeks remaining until the system is online and fully operational again. Please be advised that this timeframe might change
a bit to either shorter or a little longer. We will of course keep you up to date.
If you are heading out with the boat or going onboard and the alarm still has not been triggered you can still turn off the alarm by using the activation button, press it for 1 second and it will turn off the alarm as long as you do it within 45 seconds from entering the boat.
When leaving you can also activate the alarms with the activation button the same way and 45 seconds later the alarms will be active. If however the alarm has already been triggered this does not work, unfortunately.

Please find more information regarding the activation button in the C-pod Manual: