Moving to Solna

I'm Albin, and I live in Södertälje. I'm currently living in an apartment provided by Scania CV AB, but I'd like to relocate to Solna because the hospital is nearby, and I'd like to do so by the end of December 2023. My wife has the AB- ve blood group and her first pregnancy was fraught with complications due to uterus strength. And the baby died after a few days. So I do not want this to happen again. That is the main reason I am looking for an apartment near a large hospital. When I looked at the website, Solna's apartments, I discovered that the major owners are Signalsiten. The company's vision does not suit me as a tenant, which is why I'm wondering if I'm eligible to create an account and stand in line. Is there a website where I can find an apartment? I'm curious because I'm new to Sweden. Thank You


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