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Advertising inquiry


I am reaching out to you with an advertising proposal: we are seeking to publish one permanent article with one DO-follow link on your website Aapl (
The link inside the article will point to a real-money online gaming website.
The article will be either provided by us - it will be original, unique, and good quality - or written by you, as you prefer. If provided by us, it will be relevant to the topic of your website, or have the topic you choose. (It won't necessarily be an article about online gaming).

If you are open to such deals, please reply to the email address with a fee for such an article under the above conditions.

Besides, please let us know if you own or maintain any other websites that we could include in our deal. Maybe we can even work out a bulk deal for multiple articles.
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

Stephen Benton
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