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A new dock for Macbook Pro - removes mess on the desk

I thought you might be interested in hearing about, a project we are currently working on

I’m Louise, a member of team Bracket. Bracket is an aluminium cable dock with a minimalistic nordic approach: No electronics. No moving parts. Just highgrade Aluminium. We are based in Aarhus, Denmark and you can find more about our project at our homepage:

And we just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Bracket:

If you can't wait for Bracket to be funded, or are more into DIY you can already now get the 3D drawings from and print Bracket yourself for free.

You can also find what others have written about our project (so fare non in India!): [In english. Australien techsite] [in german. german techsite]
[in danish. Danish national TV]
[In english. American techsite]
[in danish. Danish startup site]
[in italien. Italien Mac site]
[in french. French techsite]
[in Chinese. Chinese techsite]
[in slovenien. Slovenian techSite]
[In danish. Danish newspaper]
[In german. German techblog]

Best Regards,

Louise Andersen Rapportera olämpligt innehåll

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